ERG’s sixty plus graduate students are geographically and ethnically diverse. About half are in the masters-degree program and half in the PhD program. The students come from a wide variety of disciplinary backgrounds in engineering, natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities; the characteristics they have in common are an ability to cross disciplinary boundaries, an interest in the complex problems at the interface of technology and society, and the intellectual credentials to succeed in a rigorous academic program. Graduates of the program are employed across the United States and around the world in governmental and international agencies, legislative staff positions, national laboratories, public and private utilities, other energy and resource companies, consulting firms, public-interest organizations, and universities.

ERG students have been recognized nationally and internationally for their research. Click here to find a selection of recent grants and fellowships awarded to ERG students.


Abayo, Aline

Aline Abayo


Aline is a master’s student at ERG focusing climate finance, critical minerals, the economics of renewable energy, and the relationship between climate and development goals. Prior to joining ERG, Aline ... Continue Reading »

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Adachi, Eleanor

Eleanor Adachi


Eleanor Adachi (she/her) is a Master’s student in both the Energy and Resources Group and the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC Berkeley and a NSF Graduate Research Fellow. ... Continue Reading »

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Akinsipe, Gbemisola

Gbemisola Akinsipe


Gbemi is a MS/PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group. Her primary research revolves around electricity systems planning and markets in Nigeria and West Africa with a focus on ... Continue Reading »

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Alford-Jones, Kelsey

Kelsey Alford-Jones


Kelsey is a PhD candidate, focusing on qualitative research spanning the fields of global climate and environmental politics, political ecology, critical development studies, human and Indigenous rights, and environmental conflict. ... Continue Reading »

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Ball-Burack, Ari

Ari Ball-Burack


Ari Ball-Burack is a first year PhD student in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, advised by Dr. Dan Kammen. He studies data and computational ... Continue Reading »

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Best, Dennis

Dennis Best


Dennis has focused his career on technology and sustainability policy in emerging and developing economies. His research interests include technology and innovation policy and impacts to resource and rural development, ... Continue Reading »

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Brown, Colette

Colette Brown


Colette Brown is a PhD student at the Energy and Resources Group. Brown previously graduated from the ERG Master’s program; where she used Landsat 7 imagery and machine learning to ... Continue Reading »

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Brown, Sean

Sean Brown


Sean Brown is a first year Master’s student interested in using the framework of complex systems to better understand natural and human subsystems as parts of a larger, integrated system, ... Continue Reading »

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Campbell, Nica

Nica Campbell


Nica Campbell is an PhD candidate at the Energy and Resources Group. Her research interests include corporate sustainability, environmental justice and policy making mechanisms. At ERG, she explores ways to ... Continue Reading »

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Carleton, Elliot

Elliot Carleton


Elliot is an MS student in the Energy and Resources Group focusing on sustainable land management and conservation. His research interests are motivated by the time he spent working with ... Continue Reading »

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Chang, Jack

Jack Chang


Hydrogen’s Potential Role is California’s Zero Emissions Future (MA ’20) I have been focusing on building decarbonization policy, renewable hydrogen and and island electrification as part of my master’s degrees ... Continue Reading »

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Chaudhry, Nabig

Nabig Chaudhry


Nabig Chaudhry is an MS/PhD student at UC Berkeley. His research lies at the intersection of climate and data science and focuses on building tech and data-enabled climate adaptation solutions. ... Continue Reading »

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Choi, Minah

Minah Choi


Minah Choi (she/hers) is a first year Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Her research interests include political ecology, community-based conservation, and STS. At ERG, Minah hopes to ... Continue Reading »

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Craigg, Jessica

Jessica Craigg


I am interested broadly in whether and in what ways renewable energy transitions can engender social equity. Drawing on feminist and critical race theory, energy geography, and critical development studies, ... Continue Reading »

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Crespo Montanes, Cristina

Cristina Crespo Montanes


Focusing on innovations in renewable energy infrastructure and the potential impacts of such technology in the energy markets, my main interest lies in mechanisms to enhance reliability of fully renewable ... Continue Reading »

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Cullen, Kate

Kate Cullen


Kate Altemus Cullen (she/her) is a fourth-year PhD candidate in the Energy & Resources Group and Fulbright-Hays Fellow. Her dissertation research examines the role of climate change in exacerbating issues ... Continue Reading »

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Djoulakian, Hasmik

Hasmik Djoulakian


Hasmik Djoulakian (she/her) is a Master’s student in the Energy Resources Group. Her research interests involve applying frameworks of feminist political ecology, cultural geography, and environmental justice to examine the ... Continue Reading »

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Dolton-Thornton, Nathaniel “Nate”

Nathaniel “Nate” Dolton-Thornton


Nathaniel Dolton-Thornton is a first year PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group. Dolton-Thornton’s research interests center on China, the Belt and Road Initiative, Latin America, and the clean ... Continue Reading »

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Elias, Micah

Micah Elias


Payment for Watershed Ecosystem Services: Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Equity (MS ’20) Micah Elias earned his B.S. in International Agricultural Development from UC Davis in 2012. After graduating he worked with ... Continue Reading »

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Fransen, Taryn

Taryn Fransen


Taryn Fransen is a PhD student with the Energy and Resources Group and a Senior Fellow at the World Resources Institute. Her research interests center on the design and implementation ... Continue Reading »

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Freitas, Nancy

Nancy Freitas


Arctic Lake Emissions in a Warming World (MS ’20) At ERG, Nancy research focuses on identifying existing gaps in climate science and decision-making. In her master’s research, she used a ... Continue Reading »

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Gill-Wiehl, Annelise

Annelise Gill-Wiehl


Annelise Gill-Wiehl is currently an NSF Graduate Student Researcher and a Ph.D. Candidate in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, co-advised by Dr. Dan Kammen ... Continue Reading »

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Gonzales, Adriana

Adriana Gonzales


Adriana Gonzales is a PhD student at the Energy and Resources Group. Gonzales’ interests includes examining how the responses of local Caribbean communities to energy inequities in the wake of ... Continue Reading »

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Grayson, Alexandra

Alexandra Grayson


Alexandra (she/her) is a second-year Master of Science candidate in the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. She is particularly interested in furthering procedural environmental justice ... Continue Reading »

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Griffin-Carney, Jesse

Jesse Griffin-Carney


Integrating Fuel-Based End Uses Into a Clean Electric System: Quantifying the Trade Off Between Electrification and Electrically Synthesized Fuels (MS ’20) Jess Carney is interested in understanding how sustainable energy ... Continue Reading »

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Haley, Ben

Ben Haley


Ben has unique experience developing energy system models to support energy transformation decision making in his role as Co-Founder of Evolved Energy Research. His models have been utilized by parties ... Continue Reading »

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Hall, Anaya

Anaya Hall


Modeling Organic Waste Management for Soil Carbon Sequestration in California (MS ’19) Anaya (she/her) is a PhD candidate in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) at UC Berkeley. She is ... Continue Reading »

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Jones, Ryan

Ryan Jones


Ryan has spent the last decade developing modeling tools to explore technology pathways for deep decarbonization with special focus on electricity systems. His current research works to incorporate additional dimensions ... Continue Reading »

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Karasaki, Seigi

Seigi Karasaki


Seigi’s research focus is on the intersection of drinking water access, social justice, institutional capacity, and individual agency. He is primarily interested in weaving together historical and current race- and ... Continue Reading »

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Katz, Jessica

Jessica Katz


Siting Renewable Energy in a Changing Climate: A Reimagining of BLM’s Solar Energy Zones (MS ’20) At ERG, Jessica is focusing on learning advanced methods to comprehensively evaluate the ecological, ... Continue Reading »

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Kersey, Jess

Jess Kersey


Jess Kersey is a fourth-year PhD student broadly interested in technology, regulation, and policy to improve energy access and climate adaptation efforts across multiple geographies including East Africa, Latin America, ... Continue Reading »

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Kingdon, Cora

Cora Kingdon


Cora Kingdon is a PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group (ERG) at UC Berkeley. Cora is interested in studying the distributional impacts of decision making under deep uncertainty ... Continue Reading »

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Kudrimoti, Aaditee

Aaditee Kudrimoti


Aaditee Kudrimoti is a M.S./Ph.D. student in the Energy and Resources Group. She completed undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley in Political Science and Public Policy (go bears!). Aaditee is interested ... Continue Reading »

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Larson, Clara

Clara Larson


Clara Larson is a Master’s student at the Energy Resource Group. Larson’s interests includes exploring computational methods for earth and environmental science and using computational research to inform decision making ... Continue Reading »

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Lazarus, Eli

Eli Lazarus


Eli is an Ecological Economist working on comprehensive welfare measurement, tracking, and optimization. His research investigates and contributes to filling the gap between market optimization/welfare and broader social welfare. Recent ... Continue Reading »

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Megan LeBerth


Megan LeBerth is a Master’s student at the Energy Resources Group. LeBerth interests includes, researching the equitable expansion of clean energy. Prior to joining ERG, LeBerth holds a BA from ... Continue Reading »

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Lockwood, Cello

Cello Lockwood


Cello Lockwood is a Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Cello’s interests revolve around advancing Actionable Science to co-produce more innovative, decision-relevant, and impactful knowledge that can accelerate ... Continue Reading »

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Longmate, Julia

Julia Longmate


Julia’s research focuses on the performance and usability of climate model outputs at decision-relevant scales. She received her S.B. in Environmental Engineering from MIT in 2016 where she studied the ... Continue Reading »

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Mazur, Anna

Anna Mazur


Anna Mazur is a Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Mazur interests includes developing new facilities and strategic planning of generation portfolios, revising outdated policies like capital cost ... Continue Reading »

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McAdams, Jasmine

Jasmine McAdams


Jasmine is a MS/PhD student at UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, with a passion for supporting robust and equitable decision-making in climate and energy. Her research interests include developing ... Continue Reading »

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Miles, Samuel

Samuel Miles


Samuel Miles is a Ph.D. student in the Energy and Resources Group at the Uni­ver­sity of Cal­i­for­nia, Berkeley. Sam studies electrical and political power systems. He pairs frameworks from environmental ... Continue Reading »

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Moraski, Jill

Jill Moraski


Jill is interested in addressing electric grid reliability and resilience challenges in a future characterized by economy-wide decarbonization, climate vulnerability, and deep risk uncertainty. Specifically, she’s interested in adapting best ... Continue Reading »

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Moses Mbewe, Edward

Edward Moses Mbewe


Edward Moses Mbewe is a Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Mbewe interests includes identifying, critically reviewing, and publishing on sustainable and environmental developments in energy. Mbewe’s goal ... Continue Reading »

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Munnings, Clayton

Clayton Munnings


Clayton’s research focuses on design evaluations and performance assessments of carbon offsets, carbon prices, and clean electricity standards with a geographic emphasis on the United States and China. He founded ... Continue Reading »

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Murayama, Hikari

Hikari Murayama


Hikari’s research largely focuses on combining remote sensing and machine learning methods to study human impacts on large spatial scales. She was selected to be a Data Science Fellow at ... Continue Reading »

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Murillo, Sara

Sara Murillo


Sara (she/her) is a first-year MS student in the Energy and Resources Group with a passion for advancing solutions to domestic energy equity issues. Her research interests are centered around ... Continue Reading »

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Owusu Sarfo, Kwabena

Kwabena Owusu Sarfo


Kwabena Owusu Sarfo is a Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Kwabena interests includes, energy system modeling and analysis, decarbonizing electric power grids, and renewable energy integration research. ... Continue Reading »

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Penakalapati, Gauthami

Gauthami Penakalapati


Evaluation of Social Networks and Measures of Empowerment Among Adolescent Girls in Uttar Pradesh, India (MS ’19) Gauthami’s interdisciplinary research intersects global health, feminist theory, science technology studies, social network ... Continue Reading »

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Rempel, Jenny

Jenny Rempel


Surfacing Overlying Rights: Assessing Transitions in Overlying Rights to California’s Groundwater Basins (MS ’20) Jenny grew up in Fresno, California, and graduated from Stanford University with an interdisciplinary environmental science ... Continue Reading »

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Rennels, Lisa

Lisa Rennels


Sobol Sensitivity Analysis for Integrated Assessment Models: Supporting Result Characterization (MS ’19) Lisa is interested in using computer science to explore issues related to the economic impacts of climate change, ... Continue Reading »

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Santasheva, Ana

Ana Santasheva


Ana Santasheva is a Master’s student at the Energy and Resources Group. Santasheva’s interests includes, exploring how to leverage new tools, technologies, policies, and consumer engagement to help us predict and ... Continue Reading »

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Setiawan, Rachman

Rachman Setiawan


Rachman Setiawan is a Master’s student for the Energy Resource Group, focusing on energy sectors. He worked as an engineer in a Solar PV company where He conducted surveys, analysis, ... Continue Reading »

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Shears, Esther

Esther Shears


The Impact of Data Access on Academic Research: Evidence from the Land Remote-sensing Commercialization Act of 1984 (MS ’18) Esther researches how climate change will impact the financial sector and ... Continue Reading »

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Singhal, Aaryaman “Sunny”

Aaryaman “Sunny” Singhal


Aaryaman “Sunny” Singhal earned a dual-degree in 2024 from the Energy and Resources Group and the Goldman School of Public Policy at UC-Berkeley. He is interested in water security in ... Continue Reading »

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Strecker, Jesse

Jesse Strecker


Jesse Strecker is a researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, a PhD candidate at UC Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, and an interdisciplinary political economist. They hold an MPP ... Continue Reading »

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Villalpando Páez, María

María Villalpando Páez


María is interested in exploring rural and peasant women’s role in the advancement of food sovereignty and in understanding the complex negotiation processes between communities, individuals, and the environment in ... Continue Reading »

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Wagner, Tzipora

Tzipora Wagner


The Role of Stakeholder Networks in Urban Water System Innovation (MS ’20) Tzipora’s is interested in water resources and the role of technology in promoting sustainability, especially in the developing ... Continue Reading »

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Wang, Liyang

Liyang Wang


Liyang is a PhD student in the Energy & Resources Group and a Senior Research Associate at Berkeley Lab. Her research interest is at the intersection of decision science, climate ... Continue Reading »

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Ward, Rachel

Rachel Ward


Tropical Forests and the Allocation of Carbon to Reproduction (MS ’20) Rachel is interested in the social, ecological, and geophysical dynamics of agro-forestry coffee and cacao systems in the tropics. ... Continue Reading »

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Warner, Cody

Cody Warner


Lights Off in San Diego County: the Effect of Utility Deenergization Events on Household Electrification (MA ’20) Cody applies statistical and econometric models to the electricity sector and studies how ... Continue Reading »

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Worsham, Marshall

Marshall Worsham


A Remote Sensing Method for Detecting Agents of Forest Disturbance (MA ’20) Marshall’s interests lie in environmental governance and ecology, in particular, the relationships among regulatory structure, conflict, and ecosystem ... Continue Reading »

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Xi Xi

Xi Xi


Xi Xi is a Master’s student for the Energy Resource group. Xi Xi uses interdisciplinary methods such as quantitative modeling techniques and policy analyses to assess impacts on emissions, energy ... Continue Reading »

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Yu, Hilary

Hilary Yu


Mining Data on Reclaimed Coal Mines: a Machine Learning Approach to Assessing Habitat Suitability (MS ’18) Hilary received her B.A. in Government and Biological Sciences, with a concentration in Ecology ... Continue Reading »

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