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Aaryaman “Sunny” Singhal

Aaryaman “Sunny” Singhal is dual-degree student in the Energy and Resources Group and Goldman School of Public Policy at UC-Berkeley. He is interested in water security in the Western United States as the climate changes (drought, sustainable agriculture, the water-energy nexus, etc.). In particular, Sunny wants to write policy that not only advances a more just future for the most marginalized people, but also builds political coalitions for stronger action in the future.

Sunny is intellectually curious and values diverse experiences. He studied liberal arts and business at UT-Austin, and he has worked at Southwest Airlines, a small environmental nonprofit, and as a full-time youth climate justice activist.

In his spare time, Aaryaman likes to run, hike, bike, surf, and play board games.

Please contact Sunny about opportunities for part-time or full-time jobs, as well as consulting engagements.

Research Group(s):

  • Jones Lab