We thank you for supporting ERG’s mission of a sustainable environment and just society. Your donation provides critical funding and academic opportunities for our graduate students.

General gifts to ERG are added to the Energy and Resources Group Annual Discretionary Fund. This fund was established to provide program support to respond to ERG’s most urgent needs and to build on the excellence of our program. Make a secure, single credit card gift to ERG online or set up a sustaining, recurring gift.

ERG has a 50-year history of outstanding research, teaching, policy advice and scholar-activism. Our diverse and creative projects are a result of ERG’s unique collaborative culture. These often need innovative and unconventional approaches–in many cases in areas where traditional funding agencies are not yet providing support. ERG has researched and acted on:

  • environmental toxics
  • global change ecology
  • power systems analysis
  • renewable energy deployment
  • sustainable urban planning
  • environmental and climate justice
  • biofuels and land use change
  • financial tools for low-carbon economies
  • the economic and “social cost” of carbon
  • safe water and sanitation in the developing world

For more information on giving to ERG please contact Linda Rafferty at (510) 643-9904 or lrafferty@berkeley.edu.