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ERG has a 40 year history of outstanding research, teaching, policy advice and scholar-activism. Our diverse and creative projects are a result of ERG’s unique collaborative culture. These often need innovative and unconventional approaches — in many cases in areas where traditional funding agencies are not yet providing support. ERG has researched and acted on:

  • environmental toxics
  • global change ecology
  • power systems analysis
  • renewable energy deployment
  • sustainable urban planning
  • environmental and climate justice
  • biofuels and land use change
  • financial tools for low-carbon economies
  • the economic and “social cost” of carbon
  • safe water and sanitation in the developing world

We need your support to further ERG’s fundamental as well as policy-relevant research. Two student fellowship funds, the Birdsall and the Farrell Funds, enable innovative student projects, as does the ERG Chair’s Fund. In addition, ERG proposes to create new endowed faculty positions, and to develop named student fellowships, in particular for international student support and to enable student diversity.


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We ask you to consider pledges for regular giving to ERG, capital and endowment gifts, or directing funds to students or topical areas of particular interest to you and your professional circles:


  1. The Berkeley Energy And Resources (BEAR) Fellowship Fund (FU0767000)
    To specifically provide support for our graduate students in their many and varied academic pursuits. Make a secure credit card gift to ERG online or make a PLEDGE in easy monthly installments by clicking “Recurring” on this page.
  2. The Energy and Resources Group Annual Discretionary Fund (FN7272000)
    Established to provide program support at the discretion of the Chair to allow for the flexibility to respond to the most urgent needs, to take advantage of new opportunities, and to build on the excellence of our program. Make a secure credit card gift to ERG online or make a PLEDGE in easy monthly installments by clicking “Recurring” on this page.
  3. The Alex Farrell Memorial Graduate Fellowship Fund (FM8275000)
    To honor the memory of Alex Farrell. Based on merit and need, funds can be used to support our graduate students in any appropriate scholarly activity in support of ERG’s mission. Make a secure credit card gift to ERG online or make a PLEDGE in easy monthly installments by cicking “Recurring” on this page.
  4. The Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall Endowed Graduate Research Support Fund
    Gifts can also be made to a new endowed fund, The Charles K. (Ned) Birdsall Endowed Graduate Research Support Fund. This fund, established by Ned’s family in memory of his commitment to ERG, enables ERG students to travel for conferences and research. All additional gifts to the fund will qualify for a matching opportunity during the current Campaign for Berkeley which ends in 2013. Ned Birdsall’s obituary can be read here.

For more information on giving to ERG please contact Bernadette Powell at (510) 643 9903.

Thank you!