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ERG Professor Ray on Toilets and Gender Equality

Public Spaces, Private Acts: Toilets and Gender Equality
“Isha Ray’s contribution, the first of several essays in our ‘Just Environments’ series, examines gender equality through the lens of access to basic sanitation. Moving beyond what the United Nations and others have proposed, Ray argues that in-home toilets are inadequate because they fail to account for those without homes, or those who are not home all day. Rather, if we are to make sanitation truly accessible, we must explicitly design and construct infrastructure that meets the needs of the most marginalized—including the low-income woman whose dignity and mobility rests on the presence of clean, safe facilities outside of the home.”

Published online in Items: Insights from the Social Sciences. Read the full article here.


Kammen and Hausfather of ERG Respond to Withdrawal from Paris Agreement

ERG Professor Dan Kammen and graduate student Zeke Hausfather respond to President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement

ERG graduate student Hausfather in LA Times

ERG doctoral student Zeke Hausfather comments in this LA Times article on a newly published analysis that reconciles different climate change data sets and confirms dominant human influence in long-term warming.

Kammen Discusses March for Science

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen was interviewed about his hopes and expectations for the March for Science that took place this past Saturday.

ERG Ph.D. Candidate Grace Wu – New Tool Helps African Countries Find the Best Sites for Renewable Energy Projects

ERG Ph.D. candidate Grace Wu is featured in this IEEE Spectrum article on a tool called Multicriteria Analysis for Planning Renewable Energy (MapRE)

Renewable Dis-integration?

ERG associate professor Duncan Callaway co-authored this post with ARE associate professor Meredith Fowlie for the Energy Institute at Haas blog on grid dis-integration and the potential economic effects of grid defection.

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