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New ERG Courses Focus on Data, Energy, Ecosystems, Climate Change

The Energy and Resources Group has announced two new courses this fall addressing current, timely topics in energy and environment. Registration is open.

Statistical Learning for Energy and Environment (ENERES 190C)
ERG Professor Duncan Callaway
Lecture: 102 Wheeler, TT 9:30 – 11 (#32987) + Lab: 110 Barrows, M 10 – 12 (#32988)
This course will teach students to build, estimate and interpret models that describe phenomena in the broad area of energy and environmental decision-making. The effort will be divided between (i) learning a suite of data-driven modeling approaches, (ii) building the programming and computing tools to use those models and (iii) developing the expertise to formulate questions that are appropriate for available data and models. My goal is that students will leave the course as both critical consumers and responsible producers of data driven analysis.
(See flyer link below for full description.)

Disturbance and Resilience in Terrestrial Ecosystems Exposed to Climate Change (ENERES 290)
ERG Professor Lara Kueppers
Fridays 1 – 3 pm, 323 Barrows Hall (#32555)
This course will review what is known about projected changes in drivers of major disturbance types, post-disturbance recovery trajectories, and how these are and should be represented in vegetation models used to understand and project regional- to global-scale vegetation change. We will consider current theory related to disturbance and resilience in ecological systems, as well as interactions and feedbacks between physical and biological processes, and develop case studies from US ecosystems, with student interests influencing exact topical emphasis.
(See flyer link below for full description.)

FLYER_ER190C Data and Environment
New Graduate Seminar290_Kueppers


ERG Alum Steve Fetter Named UMD Assoc Provost and Dean

The University of Maryland has named ERG alumnus Steve Fetter as Associate Provost and Dean of the Graduate School.

Lyft Commits to Cancelling Out its Carbon Emissions – Will it Make a Difference?

Lyft announced its plans last month to purchase carbon offsets to cancel out the carbon emissions created by its drivers. It’s also part of a larger strategy to lessen Lyft’s carbon footprint and to provide a billion rides a year via autonomous electric vehicles by 2025. “Some energy experts have applauded the announcement, while suggesting […]

Why Climate Change, Food Security, and Population Should Be at the Top of Your Agenda

Last month, the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust co-hosted a world-class symposium on water stewardship in a changing climate. Canadian water expert and professor Bob Sandford spoke about “The Hard Work of Hope,” the title of his recent book, and the grim outlook of global climate issues, from the water cycle to temperature rise. Also […]

Costa Rica’s Promise to Phase Out Fossil Fuels

Costa Rica’s president-elect Carlos Alvarado announced his goal to remove gasoline and diesel from the country’s transportation plans by 2021, its 200 year anniversary of independence. This promise marks the first time a Costa Rican leader has backed such a move, though green organizations have previously urged it. While completely eliminating fossil fuels within three years may […]

ERGies Contribute to the Green Schoolyard Movement

May is International School Grounds Month, and organizations like Green Schoolyards America are inspiring and enabling communities to enrich their school grounds and use them to improve children’s well-being, learning, and play, while contributing to the ecological health and resilience of their cities. ERG student Alana Siegner contributed to this year’s Living School Yard Activity […]

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August 29 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm PDT
126 Barrows Hall

PIERCE GORDON – ERG Colloquium, Energy and Resources Group PhD candidate