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ERG is a col­lab­o­ra­tive com­mu­nity of grad­u­ate stu­dents, core fac­ulty, over 100 affil­i­ated fac­ulty and researchers across the cam­pus, and nearly 500 alumni across the globe. We award MA, MS, and PhD degrees to stu­dents work­ing across dis­ci­plines and depart­ments to cre­ate poten­tially trans­for­ma­tive knowl­edge for the planet and its peo­ple. ERG is a world-renowned pro­gram with a 40-year his­tory of out­stand­ing research, edu­ca­tion and outreach to gov­ern­ment, indus­try, and civil soci­ety at the state, national and inter­na­tional levels.

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ERG students and faculty work across disciplines and departments to create transformative knowledge for the planet and its people. Forty years of ERG research has advanced the fields of global change ecology, renewable energy deployment, efficient energy systems, ecological economics, and equitable and affordable access to water and energy. Donate now to support ERG’s unique culture of interdisciplinary research and teaching for a sustainable environment and a just society!

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ERG Media

RAEL and the California Academy of Sciences Collaborate the ‘Exploring Energy’ Video Series

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen helped the California Academy of Sciences and RAEL create a video series called "Exploring Energy." Read more

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen Gives Lecture at Oxford Martin School

" To make these goals happen, we are going to have to get out the front and not be interesting analysts, but, trailing the charge, we are going to have to lead the charge." - Dan Kammen Read more

ERG Professor Dan Kammen Speaks at the 2016 Silicon Valley Energy Summit

"Nuclear wins the physics story, but nuclear fails the systems story." - Dan Kammen Read more

ERG Professor Isha Ray: Health, Development and Poverty

ERG Professor Isha Ray discusses health, development and poverty in a panel discussion at the India under Modi Conference. Read more

ERG 22nd Annual Lecture 2016: Richard Norgaard

The Energy and Resources Group hosted its 22nd Annual Lecture on Energy and the Environment on April 7th with ERG Professor Emeritus Richard Norgaard Read more