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ERG graduate student Hausfather in LA Times

ERG graduate student Zeke Hausfather comments in this LA Times article on a newly published analysis that reconciles different climate change data sets and confirms dominant human influence in long-term warming. Hausfather, who was not involved in the paper, noted that the analysis offers a holistic explanation of all the research that has been chipping away at the “climate conundrum.”

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Kammen Discusses March for Science

ERG Professor Daniel Kammen was featured in an article in the Chronicle about his hopes and expectations for the March for Science that took place this past Saturday.

“It pains me that we need to do this,” Kammen said, “but I’m hoping those conversations by a diverse set of researchers will be the really exciting outcome from this.”

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Photo: UAW

ERG Ph.D. Candidate Grace Wu – New Tool Helps African Countries Find the Best Sites for Renewable Energy Projects

ERG Ph.D. candidate Grace Wu is featured in this IEEE Spectrum article on a tool called Multicriteria Analysis for Planning Renewable Energy (MapRE), developed by ERG and Berkeley Lab Researchers and the International Renewable Energy Agency. MapRE starts with a large spatial database that includes wind speeds and timing, solar insolation, and other physical factors, but also factors in the impact of both the project and the transmission infrastructure it will need. In a recently published article, the authors apply the MapRE tool and show that potential for renewable energy generation is several times greater than demand in many countries.

Wu argues that “the riskiness of these remote projects highlight that the way we are currently prioritizing projects is leading to delays and additional costs. If we want wind and solar to be part of the mix as soon as possible we need to take a different approach to strategic siting.”


Photo: Ngong Hills wind farm just outside of Nairobi, Kenya, from Grace Wu

Renewable Dis-integration?

ERG associate professor Duncan Callaway co-authored this post with ARE associate professor Meredith Fowlie for the Energy Institute at Haas blog on grid dis-integration and the potential economic effects of grid defection. As solar PV and storage costs fall, the additional cost associated with generating and storing electricity on a smaller scale could be more than offset by the transmission/distribution/retail service costs eliminated with a decentralized system.

ERG PhD’s Deshmukh and Wu – The Economic Case for Wind and Solar Energy in Africa

ERG PhD students Ranjit Deshmukh and Grace Wu discuss their research on cost-efficient renewable energy solutions to meet Africa’s energy demands.

“As a region, Africa is in an unparalleled energy crisis rife with electricity deficiency, lack of access, and high costs,” said Wu. “How African countries and the international community tackle this crisis in the coming decades will have large social, environmental, and climate implications.”

To read the full article, visit Berkeley Lab.

Deshmukh and Wu’s research can be accessed here.

Photo: Berkeley Lab scientists Ranjit Deshmukh and Grace Wu at Ngong Hills Wind Farm (Courtesy Grace Wu)

ERG Professor Callaway – Solar Power in Africa

ERG Professor Duncan Callaway comments on renewable energy in Africa, noting the advancements in solar technology in Crescent Vale News.

“The surprising find is that the wind and solar resources in Africa are absolutely gigantic, and something you could tap into for relatively low cost.”

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Solar power panels. Photo by:

Kammen – Why Democrats and Republicans are Both Right on Climate

ERG professor Dan Kammen authored a guest blog post for the Scientific American on different strategies proposed by the Democratic and Republican Parties to address global warming.

Kammen argues that though these two plans are dramatically different, “the home run strategy for American job creation and industrial leadership is to implement both the Clean Power Plan and the Carbon Dividend Plan.”

Read the full article in Scientific American.


Image: Coal-fired power plant, Minnesota. Credit: Tony Webster Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

ERG PhD Lara Speaks at TEDx Pura Vida 2017

Last week, ERG PhD student José Daniel Lara spoke in Costa Rica at the TEDx Pura Vida 2017 event. Lara’s talk focused on the urgency for Costa Rica to integrate solar energy to power daily life.

He added that the country has the potential to take the lead in renewable energy because. He explained, “In the 20th century, Costa Rica lagged behind on energy issues because we had no mining resources, no coal, no oil, no capital, but now we have it, we have solar energy.”

For a short video of the event, click here.

For more information about TEDx Pura Vida 2017, go to

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ERG Professor Emeritus John Holdren on Trump Administration Climate Policy

ERG Professor Emeritus of the Energy & Resources Group John Holdren is featured in the Cape Cod Wave regarding his background before he was appointed senior science advisor to the Obama administration.

The article also covers his stance on President Trump’s plans for climate policy. Less than two weeks after leaving his job at the White House, Holdren commented, “If the Trump administration tries to back away from the Obama agenda of clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, I assure you there will be strong pushback.”

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Photo: Cape Code Wave

Art Rosenfeld, Friend of ERG and Pioneer of Energy Efficiency, Passes Away at 90

Credit: Berkeley Lab

Arthur Hinton Rosenfeld, a close friend to many in the ERG community, passed away Friday, January 27, 2017. He was 90 years old.

“Art Rosenfeld helped make California the world leader in energy efficiency,” said Gov. Jerry Brown in a statement. “His path-breaking ideas transformed our energy sector from one of massive waste to increasingly elegant efficiency.”

The Berkeley Lab recently released a memorial article covering Art Rosenfeld’s achievements in energy efficiency: Art Rosenfeld Memorial Page

The Daily Cal released an article, covering Art Rosenfeld’s involvement and contributions for the Berkeley community. Read more here.