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Ari Ball-Burack

Ari Ball-Burack is a first year PhD student in the Energy & Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley, advised by Dr. Dan Kammen. He studies data and computational tools to inform effective decarbonization policy. Specifically, he is interested in incorporating key complexities such as justice and equity, behaviorally realistic decision-making, and technological innovation in energy policy decision support tools. His current research investigates decarbonization policy interactions at the national and global levels, distributional equity in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and representations of consumer adoption in multi-sector energy system models.

Ari graduated from Williams College, where he studied Computer Science and Physics, and received MPhil degrees in Advanced Computer Science and Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge. Prior to joining ERG, he worked as a researcher at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. Ari enjoys running, playing music, and quality time with loved ones (ideally in nature).

Research Groups:

RAEL Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab – Kammen


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