People / Students

Hikari Murayama

Hikari’s research largely focuses on combining remote sensing and machine learning methods to study human impacts on large spatial scales. She was selected to be a Data Science Fellow at the University of Washington eScience Institute’s Data Science for Social Good Program in 2020 and has been a Data Science Fellow at the D-Lab also since 2020. She’s currently a PhD fellow in the Global Policy Lab working with Professor Solomon Hsiang.

Prior to her time at ERG, Hikari was a consultant at Bates White Economic Consulting before transitioning to lead remote sensing projects at NASA DEVELOP where she worked with conservation groups in Costa Rica. She holds a B.A. in Chemical Physics from Wellesley College (2016) and earned her M.S. in Energy and Resources from University of California, Berkeley (2021).


  • Kueppers Lab
  • Global Policy Lab