The Fundamentals of a Clean(er) Economy – Dan Kammen

ERG Chair Dan Kammen wrote an Op-Ed piece for the Daily Californian this week, outlining the stark global reality of climate change in 2018 and the need for collective action.

“…As it stands, China is now projected to be able to cap emissions before 2030. Conversely, the United States is currently the only country in the world that is not a signatory to the historic 2015 Paris climate accord, an agreement that established that the United States had to make much-needed 80 percent emissions cuts and a two-degree Celsius cap on temperature rise. Sadly, we are not making sufficient progress toward that goal. So, what should engaged students and citizens worldwide do next? Fortunately, the fundamentals of a clean(er) economy are now all around us, so truly useful steps to a sustainable economy and planet are readily available.”

For his seven tips, continue reading in the full Daily Californian article. Kammen relayed this message in the Cornell Daily Sun as well after attending Cornell’s Ivy Policy Conference last week.

You can also read his 2013 Daily Californian piece on the consequences of the UC system investing in fossil fuels.

Photo: Xinyu Li