2018’s Greenest States — John Harte Weighs In

Have you ever wondered which states in the U.S. are the most environmentally conscious? The least?

“In order to highlight the greenest states and call out those doing a poor job of caring for the environment, WalletHub compared each of the 50 states on 23 key metrics. Our data set ranges from LEED-certified buildings per capita to share of energy consumption from renewable resources. Read on for our findings, expert commentary and our full methodology.”

One of the experts consulted by WalletHub was ERG’s John Harte, who answered the following questions:

  • What policies can state and local authorities pursue to make their communities more environmentally friendly?
  • Is there an inherent tradeoff between protecting the environment and promoting economic growth?
  • How might states be affected by the Trump administration’s EPA policies?
  • What is the single most impactful thing an individual can do to reduce their effect on the environment?

To view John Harte’s answers and read more about the findings, click here.