Working on Water’s Next Drop in India

“In the developed world, we’re used to just turning the water on, and it’s there. We don’t know how it got there,” says Hyun, who is part of the Energy and Resources Group, an interdisciplinary graduate program. “I have a passion to see people having water.”

Berkeley News features ERG Master’s/PhD student, Christopher Hyun, and assistant professor of political science, Dr. Alison Post, in this video on water and development research in Bangalore, India. The project is led by Dr. Alison Post and ERG associate professor, Dr. Isha Ray. Tanu Kumar, PhD candidate in political science,  is also working closely with Post and Ray on the project, assessing impact at the household level. This research was prompted by the work of  Nextdrop, a company started by UC Berkeley students.

Read more about the project here.