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John Harte: ERG Annual Lecture 2018


SPEAKER: John Harte, “The Quest for Simplicity on the Other Side of Complexity”
DATE: Thursday, April 5, 2018
LOCATION: Sibley Auditorium, inside Bechtel Engineering Center, UC Berkeley

This year’s speaker was ERG and ESPM Professor John Harte. Professor Harte’s lecture was part of a celebration of his research career in global change ecology and macroecology as he transistioned to Professor of the Graduate School.

JOHN HARTE investigates the effects of human actions on, and the linkages among, biogeochemical processes, ecosystem structure and function, biodiversity, and climate. His work spans a range of scales from plot to landscape to global, and involves field investigations, mathematical modeling, and theory development. A long-term climate manipulation experiment in a meadow in the Colorado Rockies and the development and testing of a comprehensive theory of macroecology are among his ongoing projects. He also conducts policy studies that draw out the societal implications of scientific findings. He is a UC Berkeley Professor of the Graduate School and previously held a joint pro­fes­sor­ship in the Energy and Resources Group and the Ecosys­tem Sci­ences Divi­sion of the Col­lege of Nat­ural Resources.

Dan Kammen at the MIT Energy Initiative

This week, Dan Kammen visited the MIT Energy Initiative to speak about the current state of clean energy innovation and implementation, both in the U.S. and internationally. Using a combination of analytical and empirical approaches, he discussed the strengths and weaknesses of clean energy efforts on the household, city, and regional levels.

“The exciting recent developments in the cost and performance improvements of solar, wind, energy storage, and electric vehicles permit the planning of dramatically decarbonized systems that have a wide range of ancillary benefits: increased reliability, improved air quality, and monetizing energy efficiency, to name just a few. With the Paris Climate Accords placing 80% or greater decarbonization targets on all nations’ agendas (sadly, except for the U.S. federal government), the need for an ‘honest broker’ for the costs and operational issues around power systems is key.”

Read about the talk here.