student : Christopher HyunMA, PhD

Chris Hyun comes from a decade of experience in South Asia, focused on water, pollution, culture, religion, and development, particularly in the Ganges River Basin. He has been involved with a variety of NGOs, working on income generation, capacity building, education, watershed management, and river advocacy. Though he has a variety of interests in the WASH sector, Chris has recently completed a project on street-level bureaucracy of intermittent water supply in Bangalore, India and is currently focusing his research at ERG on sanitation planning, capacity building, and technology decision-making in Indian cities. He has an M.A. in Energy and Resources from UC Berkeley and an M.Sc. in Environmental Science from Banaras Hindu University. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. from ERG at UC Berkeley with a designated emphasis in Development Engineering. Chris enjoys creative writing and chai with friends from Berkeley to Bangalore.

Current Projects

  • Sanitation in low-income countries: A cross-disciplinary review
  • Capacity building and participation in urban sanitation of India
  • A critical perspective of decentralization and decentralized systems of sanitation
  • Governance of stormwater green infrastructure in New York City, a social-environmental systems (SES) approach
  • An equity and sanitation framework for policy and planning
  • An online platform for urban environmental/sanitation planning


  • Hyun, Christopher, Alison E. Post, and Isha Ray. “Frontline worker compliance with transparency reforms: Barriers posed by family and financial responsibilities.” Governance 31.1 (2018): 65-83. (formerly “Why Street Level Bureaucrats Don’t Comply: Insights from the Water Valvemen of Bangalore”)
  • Post, Alison E., Anustubh Agnihotri, and Christopher Hyun. “Using Crowd-Sourced Data to Study Public Services: Lessons from Urban India.” Studies in Comparative International Development 53.3 (2018): 324-342.

Fellowships and Research Funding

  • InFEWS (Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy, and Water Systems) Fellow (NSF)
  • Obama-Singh Initiative funding for fieldwork
  • Development Impact Lab (USAID) funding for fieldwork
  • Institute for International Studies Pre-Dissertation Research Grant for fieldwork
  • Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships



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