student : Jessica Joan GoddardMS 2014 (ERG), MS 2015 (Eng.), PhD

Jess came to ERG to advance research on the equitable distribution of clean water. Her dissertation develops an approach to measure and understand water affordability and social equity in California. She’s co-produced her dissertation work with the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment at the Cal EPA as part of the state’s first comprehensive Human Right to Water tracking project. Jess has also conducted research in ecological economics (on methodological pluralism, and a study on environmental valuation practices in Europe) and sustainability science (on resilience in socio-hydrology models, and an LCA for bottled water use in urban Mexico).

Jess’s background is in English literature (B.A. 2010) and water quality in environmental sciences & engineering (M.S. CEE 2015) at Berkeley. Her research funding comes from the NSF graduate research fellowship program, the Institute for European Studies, the Fernström Fellowship, the Graduate Division, and ERG. Outside of ERG, Jess works with an environmental health start up to measure household exposures from water and soil and advance environmental health science communication. She also loves fiction, learning languages, trail running, yoga, ceramics, and exploring outside.

Jess has been a graduate student instructor for: ER201 Interdisciplinary Analysis (2014), ER180 Ecological Economics in Historical Context (2015), and E157AC Engineering, The Environment & Society (2015, 2017).





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