New Climate Policy Course at ERG

The Capitol Building by Daniel McCullum

Want to learn how climate policy actually works?

You know you do.
Real world climate policy isn’t made in the ivory tower. It happens in the depths of administrative agency proceedings, in legislative offices, and almost always in the courtroom.

What we’ll cover.
This course offers an interdisciplinary, graduate-level survey of historical and current efforts to regulate emissions of greenhouse gases in the United States. We will read primary legal documents—including statutes, regulations, and court cases—in order to critically evaluate the forces shaping American climate mitigation policy. Although the class will focus on the intersection of climate policy and the legal system, no background in law is necessary.

Dr. Danny Cullenward is the Philomathia Research Fellow at the Berkeley Energy and Climate Institute (BECI). A practicing lawyer and energy economist, his research focuses on the design and implementation of science-based climate policy.

Course Information

  • Title: ERG 290 — U.S. Climate Policy, Law, and Politics
  • Semester: Spring 2015
  • Time: Tu/Th 3:30 to 5:00pm
  • CCN: 27230
  • Units: 3

Photo: Daniel McCullum