ERG Professor Emeritus John Holdren and Alum Nicky Sundt Comment on the EPA’s Proposed Red-Team/Blue-Team Exercise

In a Climate Science & Policy Article co-authored by Nicky Sundt, an ERG alum (MA ’79), former ERG chair John Holdren criticizes the “red-team/blue-team” exercise proposed by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and DOE Secretary Rick Perry, amongst others. He claims that the exercise would serve not to reach a consensus on climate change, as Pruitt and Perry claim, but to obfuscate the legitimacy of climate science and the dangers of climate change.

Sundt analyzed the use of adversarial proceedings, similar to the proposed “red-team/blue-team” exercise, in her ERG Master’s thesis, “Adversary Proceedings and Nuclear Policy: The Windscale Inquiry of 1977.” In the paper, she concludes that adversarial proceedings have “grave intrinsic problems” and should be avoided in favor of other consensus-developing alternatives.

The full article can be read HERE.