ERG Alumnus Peter Gleick Pushes for New Water Conservation Policy


ERG alum Peter Gleick (M.S. ’80, Ph.D. ’86) is quoted in this SF Chronicle article on the self-set conservation targets by urban water suppliers, the vast majority of which have set their targets to zero percent. Gleick believes this will lead to higher water usage than necessary

“The new goals — or lack thereof — are in stark contrast to the mandatory reductions of up to 36 percent ordered by the state’s water board last June, and are worrying water experts who say the agencies can’t get loose with the taps just because California enjoyed an El Niño winter that brought near-normal rain and Sierra snow. ‘What this means is we’re going to use much more water than we need to, and we’re going to drain our rivers and reservoirs more than we should,’ said Peter Gleick.” – SF Chronicle

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