Energy by Whom? With ERG Alumna Nikky Avila

Nikky Avila (PhD ’18) was recently featured on the podcast “Somebody Call a Doctor.” Avila discusses how distributed energy technologies are disrupting conventional electricity planning paradigms and enabling social innovation. She also shares how working with Professor Charisma Acey and engaging in Vietnam and Kenya transformed the way she thinks about energy planning.

Nkiruka (Nikky) Avila is a recent PhD in Energy and Resources at Berkeley. Her graduate research focused on solar grid integration and climate policy in California, and on electrification in Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia to answer the question, “Energy by Whom?”. We’ll be talking about her research and its implications, the process of getting a PhD, and ask her why you’d call her if somebody said, ‘Somebody Call a Doctor!'”

Listen to the full podcast here.