Brandt (PhD’08) publishes in Science on Methane Leaks

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A study, “Methane Leaks from North American Natural Gas Systems,” published in the February 14 edition of the journal Science found that methane leakage from natural gas lines and other sources could be 50 percent higher than current EPA data indicate. (Bloomberg)

Adam Brandt (ERG Ph.D. ’08), assistant professor of Energy Resources Engineering at Stanford University and the study’s lead author, claims, “People who go out and actually measure methane pretty consistently find more emissions than we expect.” (The Daily Fusion)

The study concludes that “[i]f natural gas is to be a ‘bridge’ to a more sustainable energy future, it is a bridge that must be traversed carefully: Diligence will be required to ensure that leakage rates are low enough to achieve sustainability goals.” (Science)