WorldAffairs: “What’s it like to worry about every drop?”

Ray on World Affairs Podcast

ERG associate professor Isha Ray talks on the World Affairs Council podcast about the reality of life with restricted water access:

“Why are they human rights? They are human rights because life is unbearable when you don’t have access to water and sanitation.”

The podcast, “Access to Water: What’s it like to worry about every drop?”, shares stories from across the world on the difficulties of living without enough water:

“Access to water has been declared an international human right, but it may be increasingly difficult to enforce. This episode explores how countries around the world are coping with the growing demand and greater environmental challenges that impact water supply. What happens when systems put into place to protect the environment obstruct our ability to access a basic human necessity? What does it mean when you have to choose between drinking, planting, or washing?”

Listen to Dr. Ray on the World Affairs Council podcast here. Dr. Ray starts at 3:20.