Why Climate Change, Food Security, and Population Should Be at the Top of Your Agenda

Last month, the Nanaimo and Area Land Trust co-hosted a world-class symposium on water stewardship in a changing climate. Canadian water expert and professor Bob Sandford spoke about “The Hard Work of Hope,” the title of his recent book, and the grim outlook of global climate issues, from the water cycle to temperature rise.

Also last month, ERG Professor John Harte published a piece with Stanford ecologist Paul Ehrlich entitled “Pessimism on the Food Front,” detailing the food insecurity, soil quality, and water scarcity issues our population can no longer ignore and will certainly face in the coming century.

“Ehrlich and Harte name the greatest barrier to hope as ‘a combination of ignorance, politics, and the stresses on the world order from human overpopulation.’ Unless climate change and food security and population issues reach the top of all agendas, the risk of social breakdown and mass suffering faces all of humanity. The only way to move towards real solutions is to stop working against nature and start working with natural forces and resources.”

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