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Stephen Stack

Stephen is a Masters student at the Energy and Resources Group. His work focuses on the social, economic, and political dimensions of the clean energy transition. He is currently working on a research project with Professor Dara O’Rourke, where they are using GIS and data science tools to understand how the clean energy transition is unfolding across America, and what this means for a Just Transition. He has also done research at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, where I investigated the drivers of household adoption of low carbon technologies as a part of the Department of Energy funded DECARB project.

Before ERG, Stephen received a BA in Political Science and Economics at Trinity College Dublin. Having developed an interest in social justice, he spent four years working on social security and poverty policy as an economic advisor to the UK Government. Realising that climate change, climate action, and economic justice are inseparably linked, Stephen began to focus his interests on energy and the environment, spending two years leading a team of economists developing building decarbonization policies in the UK’s Net Zero Program. He was also involved as a local organizer for the London branch of Extinction Rebellion.

Outside of his professional life, Stephen enjoys seeing live music, doing water sports, and eating tacos.

Stephen is looking to find a role in an organization dedicated to accelerating the clean energy transition while also promoting social justice. In his next role, he is looking for work in which he can develop both his policy-making/ strategy skills as well as his quantitative toolkit.