People / Alumni

Zora Ott

Zora is a MA graduate in 2024 from the Energy and Resources Group. She is interested in political ecology, climate-resilient development, deliberative processes, energy and climate justice, rural development and gender. Her current work focuses on the intersection of climate change adaptation and mitigation in climate action planning. She is passionate about deliberative processes that enable just decision-making.

She received a BSc at Environmental Sciences and Political Science from Leuphana University Lüneburg focusing on place based sustainability transitions. After that, she worked at nexus Institute in Berlin developing and implementing citizen councils on climate change adaptation and mitigation measures for local, regional and the federal government in Germany.

Zora brings experience in stakeholder engagement, project management and qualitative research methods to the table. She is looking for consulting, NGO or governmental positions remote or on the East Coast. She is fluent in Spanish, English and German and hopes to work on a dynamic and engaged team.