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Fermin Reygadas

Point-of-Use Ultraviolet Water Disinfection: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Safe Water for Rural Households of Baja California Sur, Mexico (MS ’07) From Efficacy to Sustained Use. A Comprehensive Evaluation of an Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System for Rural Households in Mexico (PhD ’14)   Fermin Reygadas is the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Fundacion Cantaro Azul, a non-profit organization that develops and implements water solutions in Mexico. Since 2004, he has participated in several water projects in Mexico, Bolivia, and Sri Lanka and has led the design of safe water systems for households, schools, and community kiosks. Through his dissertation research, Fermin explores the factors that affect adoption and use of an ultraviolet water disinfection system for rural households. Fermin has served as Graduate Student Instructor in “Energy and Society”, “The Ethics, Methods, and Pragmatics of Global Practice”, and “Design for Sustainable Communities”. Fermin was born in La Paz, Mexico. Links Publications