student : Cecilia Han SpringerMS, PhD

Cecilia is a MS/PhD stu­dent at ERG. Cecilia received her BS in envi­ron­men­tal sci­ence from Brown Uni­ver­sity. For sev­eral years, she worked in Wash­ing­ton, DC on inter­na­tional cli­mate, energy, and agri­cul­tural pol­icy at Cli­mate Advis­ers, a pol­i­tics and pol­icy firm. Cecilia is par­tic­u­larly inter­ested in energy-intensive commodities in Asia, and the economic, social, and political factors that affect their production. She is a research affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s China Energy Group. Pre­vi­ously, Cecilia researched eco-city devel­op­ment in Tian­jin, China as a Ful­bright fel­low. Before coming to ERG, she led a project on green com­mod­ity sup­ply chains for Cli­mate Advis­ers from Hong Kong, where she also stud­ied her other pas­sion, kung fu.




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