student : Will GormanMS, PhD

Effects of Electricity Consumption and Rate Design on Solar Plus Storage-enabled Grid Defection
(MS ’19)

Will’s primary research interests involve assessing the opportunity for distributed energy resources to participate on the electric system while investigating their technical impact on the grid. Prior to joining ERG, he worked for the Brattle Group’s utilities group in Boston studying electricity markets and renewable energy. He holds a B.S. in chemical engineering and a B.A. in Plan II honors from UT Austin and worked as an undergraduate researcher in the Webber Energy Group where he performed residential building energy analyses to identify energy efficiency opportunities. Outside of his academic interests, Will enjoys playing the bassoon, hiking, and basketball.

Long-term U.S transportation electricity use considering the effect of autonomous-vehicles: Estimates & policy observations

The practicality of distributed PV-battery systems to reduce household grid reliance 

Comparative generation costs of utility-scale and residential-scale PV in Xcel energy Colorado’s service area

The electrification accelerator: Understanding the implications of autonomous vehicles for electric utilities 

Using BEopt (EnergyPlus) with energy audits and surveys to predict actual residential energy usage 

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