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Salma Elmallah

Characterizing Fairness, Transparency, and Openness in US Wind Project Planning (MS ’19)

Salma’s background is in engineering, and she’s used her time at ERG to both extend her technical knowledge of energy systems as well as explore different perspectives on energy transitions, particularly through the lenses of urban and environmental planning, science and technology studies, and the application of social science research methods. Her dissertation studies the equity and distributional impacts of residential heating electrification policy and planning, focusing on cities in California. She also works as a graduate student research assistant at Lawrence Berkeley Lab, where she studies the social and economic impacts of utility-scale wind and solar development. Previously at ERG, she studied procedural fairness and participation in wind power planning in the midwestern United States.

Before coming to ERG, Salma completed a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where she also worked as process automation engineer post-graduation.


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