student : Salma ElmallahMS, PhD

Characterizing Fairness, Transparency, and Openness in US Wind Project Planning (MS ’19)

Salma is interested in the distributional impacts of electrification and of decision-making surrounding energy infrastructure planning. Currently, she is interested in understanding the access and affordability impacts of residential electrification policies and measures across different geographies, demographics, and housing and infrastructure characteristics.

Previously at ERG, she studied procedural fairness and participation in wind power planning in the midwestern United States.

She is interested in combining perspectives from engineering, public policy, and regional planning, and using both quantitative and qualitative methods to inform her work. Research communities that she is part of at Berkeley include the EMAC research lab and the Electricity Markets and Policy group at Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

Before coming to ERG, Salma completed a BSc in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, where she also worked as process automation engineer post-graduation.

Beyond research, she’s interested in accessible and inclusive STEM education and has been a graduate student instructor for multiple ERG courses, as well as a consultant and an Excel instructor at the D-Lab. At ERG, she’s involved in the student equity & inclusion committee and in ERGonline, a committee of students and staff that maintains ERG’s web presence.


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