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Elliot Carleton

Elliot is an MS student in the Energy and Resources Group focusing on sustainable land management and conservation. His research interests are motivated by the time he spent working with the International Livestock Research Institute in Nairobi, Kenya as a Princeton in Africa Fellow, where he witnessed firsthand the importance of sustainable land use to both environmental health and rural livelihoods. He is interested in exploring the potential for best management and conservation practices to mitigate global climate change while simultaneously helping the world’s most vulnerable communities adapt to already occurring climate impacts.

Elliot is a graduate of Whitman College, where he majored in Economics and worked as a research assistant conducting ecosystem service valuations with Earth Economics.

After ERG, Elliot is interested in working in government positions or with non-profits on issues related to sustainable land management, conservation and ecosystem services. He is also broadly interested in projects working to improve the effectiveness and equity of environmental policies

Research Groups:


Environment and Economics Lab (Anthoff)