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Andrew D. Jones

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Dr. Jones is an Earth scientist who works at the interface of human and environmental systems. His research uses quantitative models and data analysis to understand climate change and human-Earth system interactions at decision-relevant scales. He also collaborates with social scientists and interacts closely with stakeholders to understand how science can effectively provide actionable insight into strategies for increasing resilience of energy water, food, and urban systems.

He is a research scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he leads the Earth Systems and Society Program Domain and the Resilient Systems Grand Challenge theme for the Earth and Environmental Sciences Strategic Vision.  He previously served as the Deputy Director of the Climate Readiness Institute.

As part of the Hyperfacets Project, he leads a co-production process with resource managers and scientists aimed at evaluating and improving the credibility of climate models for regional decision-makers. Within the Multi-Sector Dynamics Community of Practice, Dr. Jones co-chairs a working group on urban sciences that convenes interdisciplinary experts to understand the risks and tradeoffs faced by the world’s urban areas as they seek to increase resilience to changing stressors and balance multiple objectives. He also serves on the scientific steering committee of the international Land Use Model Intercomparison Project.

Dr. Jones is an alumnus of the Energy and Resources Group where he completed his PhD in 2012 and MS in 2007.



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