Partnership with KTH Royal Institute of Technology creates opportunities for students

A group of young people standing in a bright space with brick walls and lots of windows

UC Berkeley participants of the exchange program. From left: Wentinn Liao, Nicholas Jennings, Verona Teo, Samuel Bobick, Daisy Kerr, and Giuseppe Perona.

A dozen students from Sweden and California swapped places last week for summer research internships focused on digital transformation, kicking off a new exchange program between UC Berkeley and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

One participant in the program is Daisy Kerr, an undergraduate student working with Energy & Resources Group professor Dan Kammen. During the 8-week internship in Sweden, Kerr will research the spillover effects of urban emissions mitigation efforts in Stockholm.  “I admire how Stockholm is handling sustainability, and I thought it was an amazing opportunity to come over here and learn about how you do things,” said Kerr, who is majoring in energy engineering. “Hopefully I’ll contribute here and bring some lessons back to the U.S. and contribute there.”

Berkeley students participating in the internship will have the opportunity to Ericsson Imagine Studio, Xylem Water Solutions, and Stockholm City Hall, to attend panels and workshops on life in industry and academia, and to meet graduate students at KTH.

Learn more about the program and its participants on the KTH website.