Minor/Certificate in Sustainability — Courses

Summer 2024 Curriculum

ERG’s minor and certificate require a minimum of five courses and 15 total units of coursework, completed over one or two summers (or for a UC Berkeley student, a summer and a fall semester). All minor or certificate students must take EITHER Energy and Society (ENERES 100/ PUBPOL 184) or Climate Change Economics (ENERES 176/ENVECON 176/IAS 176). UC Berkeley undergraduates may elect to take either of these in the summer or fall for greater flexibility. All other courses will be offered during the summer only and are unique to summer. Information about instructors is available on our Summer Instructors page (may be subject to change).

In 2024  three courses are offered in Session A, May 20 – June 28 , one in Session C, June 17 – August 9, and three in Session D, July 1 – August 9. The full Sustainability program description and requirements to complete the program can be seen on the Summer Sustainability Minor/Certificate main website.

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Summer course details may be viewed on the UC Berkeley Class Schedule.

You may take individual ERG summer courses without intent to complete the minor/certificate. You may enroll through Cal Central (for UC Berkeley students) or the visiting Student Portal (for summer-only students).

Please contact Energy and Resources Group for more information:

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