Kammen on the Increasing Normalization of Power Shutoffs on KCBS Radio

On this edition of KCBS “In Depth, Daniel Kammen discusses how power shutoffs and evacuations may become the the new normal as climate change continues to spark deadlier wildfires year after year. Not only does Kammen and other professional scholars and directors discuss what these circumstances mean for future Californian residents, but also how changes to California’s energy grid might decrease the need for evacuations and electricity shutoffs.

“We expect these every year, we know the Santa Ana winds will reoccur, so it is something we certainly should be planning for. But the risks of climate change and passing through this threshold of more and more severe events is something inherently uncertain… The real question is how we can make our infrastructure more resilient to these risks,” Kammen states.

Listen to the full broadcast here: Power Shutoffs, Evacuations the New Normal? Maybe.