International Team, including ERG, publishes “Three years to safeguard our climate” in Nature

“Three years to safeguard our climate – Christiana Figueres and colleagues set out a six-point plan for turning the tide of the world’s carbon dioxide by 2020.”

“In the past three years, global emissions of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels have levelled after rising for decades. This is a sign that policies and investments in climate mitigation are starting to pay off. The United States, China and other nations are replacing coal with natural gas and boosting renewable energy sources. There is almost unanimous international agreement that the risks of abandoning the planet to climate change are too great to ignore.”

The Comment in Nature is signed by political leaders, scientists, and others, and includes signatures of ERG Professor Dan Kammen and ERG Alumna and Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Fund, Diane Regas (MS ’87).

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(Image: Reuben Wu for Nature)