Coronavirus and Climate Change, Dan Kammen Captures Media Attention on Green Stimulus Plan

ERG Professor Dan Kammen has recently been featured on various news media sources, including The Guardian, KQED, San Francisco Chronicle and more to discuss how COVID-19 has emphasized the need to fight climate change.

Furthermore, Kammen has joined a team of progressive policymakers in creating green policy proposals that would be included in an economic stimulus package.

“The Covid-19 epidemic is ravaging our tattered healthcare system and shredding our economy… We’re also facing the climate emergency… To tackle all these crises at once, we need a Green Stimulus that creates jobs and lifts up communities in ways that also slash carbon pollution, increase resiliency, and develop a just, modern economy,” Kammen states in The Guardian.

Click the links to read the featured articles/podcasts below:

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KQED — “Pandemic Response Offers Hope and Warnings for Addressing Climate Crisis”
San Francisco Chronicle — “Let’s flatten the curve on climate”