ERG’s Energy Research Featured in Multiple News Outlets

“Research at the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory [ERG Professor Daniel Kammen’s lab] at the University of California Berkeley highlights that while cities currently contribute to global climate change by emitting the majority of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, they could become the building blocks of sustainability. In this week’s inaugural special issue of Science Magazine on Sustainability Studies, Professor Daniel Kammen and Dr. Deborah Sunter [ERG Postdoctoral Scholar] explore the potential of using renewable energy technologies in urban areas to promote low-carbon, resilient, and livable cities.”

Read the full article on the College of Natural Resources website here.

In a comical article, Grist author Heather Smith takes Kammen and Sunter’s article and summarizes and encourages her readers to “make your city less gassy”.

Read Grist article here.

The Washington Post also featured Kammen and Sunter’s research in their article titled “This is how cities of the future will get their energy”.

Read Washington Post’s article here.