People / Students

Sanjana Tadepalli

Sanjana (she/her) is a Master’s student at ERG. She is interested in climate justice, participatory methods, and environmental communication. Before coming to ERG, Sanjana was a researcher at the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab (DASL) at the Asian School of the Environment in Singapore, where she led a project on the ethics of disaster research in Southeast Asia.

Sanjana’s work has been at the intersection of the environmental social sciences and humanities, with a focus on critical studies. She is interested in developing new tools, narratives and story-based methods to radically shift people’s conceptions of the environment and their role within it. She is also a skilled facilitator with a deep interest in equity and inclusion.

In her spare time, Sanjana enjoys hanging out with her cat Aaku and working on ecological picture books.

Research Group(s):

  • Water Group (Isha Ray)
  • CFL (Meg Mills-Novoa)