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Sanjana Tadepalli

Sanjana (she/her) is a Master’s student at ERG. She is interested in climate justice, participatory methods, and environmental communication. Before coming to ERG, Sanjana was a researcher at the Disaster Analytics for Society Lab (DASL) at the Asian School of the Environment in Singapore, where she led a project on the ethics of disaster research in Southeast Asia.

Sanjana’s work has been at the intersection of the environmental social sciences and humanities, with a focus on critical studies. She is interested in developing new tools, narratives and story-based methods to radically shift people’s conceptions of the environment and their role within it. She is also a skilled facilitator with a deep interest in equity and inclusion.

In her spare time, Sanjana enjoys hanging out with her cat Aaku and working on ecological picture books.

Sanjana is looking for both program manager and related non-profit roles or research-focussed roles that advance climate justice.

Research Group(s):

  • Water Group (Isha Ray)
  • CFL (Meg Mills-Novoa)