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Stavros Karagiannopoulos

Stavros is a PhD student in the power systems laboratory of ETH Zurich, Switzerland. He received his diploma in electrical engineering from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, and his Master’s degree from ETH Zurich. Before starting his PhD, he worked at ABB Corporate Research Center in Switzerland. His main research focuses on planning and operation of active distribution grids. Publications: Operational Planning of Active Distribution Grids under Uncertainty (2017) Hybrid Approach for Planning and Operating Active Distribution Grids (2017) Co-optimisation of Planning and Operation for Active Distribution Grids (2017) Battery Energy Storage Capacity Fading and Control Strategies for Deterministic and Stochastic Power Profiles (2016)  Optimal Planning of Distribution Grids Considering Active Power Curtailment and Reactive Power Control (2016) Scheduling and Real-time Control of Flexible Loads and Storage in Electricity Markets under Uncertainty (2014) On Geographical Allocation of Primary Frequency Control Reserves in Large Interconnected Power Systems (2014) Links: LinkedIn Contact: