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Alasdair Cohen

Alasdair Cohen is a Postdoctoral Researcher and Environmental Health Scientist with over 10 years of water and development related work and research experience. He completed his PhD in Environmental Science, Policy & Management and his MPH in Epidemiology at UC Berkeley, and has an MSc in Water Science, Policy, & Management from the University of Oxford. Dr. Cohen conducts research on drinking water supply, treatment, and policy as well as indicator design. Prior to coming to Berkeley, he worked for three United Nations agencies (IFAD, FAO, and WFP) on projects related to water resources management, agriculture, rural poverty reduction, and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) methods. Research Group: Water Group Publications: Predictors of Drinking Water Boiling and Bottled Water Consumption in Rural China: A Hierarchical Modeling Approach Effects of Boiling Drinking Water on Diarrhea and Pathogen-Specific Infections in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis Microbiological Evaluation of Household Drinking Water Treatment in Rural China Shows Benefits of Electric Kettles: A Cross-Sectional Study Quantifying the Qualitative: Eliciting Expert Input to Develop the Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool Water & Poverty in Rural China: Developing an Instrument to Assess the Multiple Dimensions of Water & Poverty The Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool: A New Framework for Measuring Rural Poverty The Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool: User’s Guide The Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool: Design, Development & Application of a New Framework for Measuring Rural Poverty Links: Berkeley/China-CDC Program for Water & Health The Multidimensional Poverty Assessment Tool