student : Marshall WorshamMS, PhD

An Examination of an Enhanced Remote Sensing Method for Detecting Agents of Forest Disturbance (MS ’20)

Marshall’s research looks into the connections between forest dynamics and water. He uses remote sensing data and open-source modeling tools to explore how disturbances affect forest structure and forest hydrology. He is also broadly interested in climate, conflict, and collaborative resource management in the American West. He aims to build on his background as a writer and a student of ethics to promote more inclusive and effective decision-making in landscape-scale resource management and conservation. He has a BA in political science from Davidson College and an MPhil in political theory from the University of Oxford.

Outside of work, you can find Marshall hiking and cycling the Bay Area fire trails and, whenever possible, wandering the Southern Rockies.

Marshall is happy to talk with prospective students about ERG, life in the Bay Area, returning to grad school mid-career, and research interests.

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