student : Nicholas DepskyMS, PhD

Drought in Central America: Past Patterns and Future Projections (MS ’19)

Nick earned his BS in Hydrology along with a minor in Environmental Policy from UC Davis in 2013. Since graduating, he spent over three years working for the Stockholm Environment Institute based in their Davis, CA office participating in watershed modeling and management projects for river basins in California, Perú, and Ecuador. He then worked as a Hydrologist for The Nature Conservancy in their Bogotá, Colombia office from Jan – Aug 2017 conducting climate change and reservoir re-operation analysis for the Magdalena-Cauca River basin. His research aims are to blend modeling, remote sensing, and techniques with empirical policy analysis in order to achieve improved watershed management solutions. More specifically, he is analyzing regional vulnerability to droughts under a changing climate in order to assess potential links between water scarcity and livelihood security, migration, and conflict.


Exploring scientific information for policy making under deep uncertainty


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