student : Anna BrockwayMS, PhD

Anna Brockway is a graduate student in the Energy and Resources Group and Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley.

Anna studies how electric power systems are changing—and how they must change—in response to existing and emerging stressors. Her work has focused on stressors to conventional power system operation including climate change, renewable energy, electrification, and public scrutiny. She is interested in how electric grid systems can adapt to these stressors while ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness and enabling increased sustainability and equity.

Previously, Anna was a SunShot Science & Technology Policy Fellow at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technologies Office in Washington, DC. While at the SunShot Initiative, her primary focus was on expanding opportunities for solar energy and access to renewables through shared solar and community-oriented deployment models. Anna graduated from Haverford College in 2012 with a BS in chemistry and a minor in philosophy.



EMAC (Energy Modeling, Analysis and Control – Callaway)

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