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Arthur Mason

Arthur Mason is an arctic anthropologist focused on energy development in Western Canada, Alaska, and the Barents Sea region of Norway and Russia. His research and teaching interests include the daily life of arctic Indigenous peoples and the relationship between northern development, expertise, and energy globalization.

 Dr. Mason holds degrees in Cultural Anthropology from Columbia University (BA) and University of California at Berkeley (PhD) and is the recipient of two Fulbright Chair awards for arctic research (Canada and Norway).

Professor Mason is co-founding organizer of the Association for Polar Early Career Scientists. His political appointments include Associate Director of Energy in the Office of the Alaska Governor in Washington D.C.

Dr. Mason is Director of StudioPolar, a National Science Foundation initiative that examines the work of consultant expertise in stabilizing perspectives on arctic natural gas development. The research is a comparative study of North American (U.S. and Canada) and European (Russia and Norway) interpretations of energy systems development. He teaches courses on institutions, energy, and community; science and technology studies; ecological modernization; energy politics and aesthetics.

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