student : Annelise Gill-WiehlMS, PhD

Annelise’s research focus is the intersection of energy issues at the rural household level in East Africa. She is interested in how social infrastructure and outreach (e.g. training local workers) can help overcome barriers to adoption of technology. Annelise is also interested in the design and implementation of microgrids in remote areas. Prior to starting her M.S./Ph.D. at ERG, she studied Environmental Engineering and International Development Studies at the University of Notre Dame. Annelise conducted three summers of field research in Shirati, Tanzania, and implemented a pilot program that deployed Community Technology Workers to help families transition from firewood and charcoal to gas stoves. She is currently working on coupling that local outreach program with a savings bank, collaborating with Johnathan Lee on energy trading schemes in island communities in Tanzania, and quantifying the impacts of LPG programming in India. When she is not talking about rural household energy, Annelise enjoys long distance running, listening to political commentary, and drinking coffee.

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