student : Adam OrfordMA, MPP, PhD

Adam’s research interests include national and international energy and environmental governance and politics, energy and environmental policy analysis and development, energy and environmental public administration and management, and environmental philosophy. He is currently focused on understanding the development of U.S. energy and environmental policies in the 1940s to 1970s.

Adam received his JD from Columbia in 2006 and his MPP from Berkeley’s Goldman School of Public Policy in 2018. As an attorney prior to returning to academia, he represented public and private clients in complex environmental civil litigation and regulatory matters. He has served as President and VP Finance of the Graduate Assembly, U.C. Berkeley’s graduate student government.


  • Using Public Datasets to Evaluate Atrazine Intensity and Birth Defects (In Review)
  • Regulation in a Changing Climate: A Search for Standards and an Assessment of the California Experience, Georgetown Environmental Law Review (expected 2020)



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