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Aaditee Kudrimoti

Aaditee Kudrimoti is a M.S./Ph.D. student in the Energy and Resources Group. She completed undergraduate degrees from UC Berkeley in Political Science and Public Policy (go bears!). Aaditee is interested in investigating the influence of major themes in global politics on the subnational politics of planning natural resource-intensive sectors. Her work falls at the intersection of political science, urban and regional planning, and global environmental change. Her recent work explores the relationship between U.S.-China competition and energy sector planning in Southeast Asia. In her free time, she enjoys dancing, cooking, and travel.

Aaditee is seeking opportunities for program evaluation for technical assistance projects (domestic and international); USAID opportunities in research (planning energy, water, agriculture, and other natural resource intensive sectors); development finance program evaluation; and development consulting (infrastructure, industrial policy).

Research Group(s):

  • RAEL (Renewable and Appropriate Energy Lab – Kammen)