student : Anushah HossainMA, PhD

The Value of Connectivity: A Case Study of Cellular Networks in the Rural Philippines (MA ’18)

Anushah studies internet accessibility and security. Her interest in these topics grew from experiencing difficulties accessing critical online services while working on development projects abroad. She has since been investigating disparities in website availability worldwide and the role of intermediaries, such as governments and web security companies, in determining who can see web content.

Anushah’s research draws from her undergraduate training in history and economics from UC Berkeley, and benefits from collaborations with researchers at the School of Information and the International Computer Science Institute.

Prior to embarking on her current course of study, Anushah’s research focused primarily on issues of access to improved water and sanitation (WASH) in South Asia. She worked with a range of government and nonprofit stakeholders to conduct needs assessments and impact evaluations of technology and policy innovations in this area. Anushah continues to engage with developments in WASH through the Water Group research lab.

Anushah hopes to advance open and inclusive science communication, which she pursues through maintaining the ERG student blog, Life@ERG; serving as student officer on the ERG Diversity Committee; and working as a consultant at the D-Lab, UC Berkeley’s social science research lab. Her broader interests include internet measurement, open source communities, and research methods and ethics in a digital age.

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