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Sasha Figel

Sasha is a second-year Master’s student interested in land and resource management. Her research is focused on how various groups value natural resources, how the value can be quantified, and how that information can be used to design successful and cost-effective restoration projects. Through her work, Sasha hopes to promote equitable access to natural resources through the lens of ecological science.

Prior to joining ERG, Sasha worked for three years as an environmental consultant at Industrial Economics, Inc. assisting with natural resource damage assessments for federal, state, and tribal clients at projects throughout the United States. Sasha holds a B.S. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a B.A. in Environmental Science from Rice University.

Sasha is seeking opportunities related to land management planning and stewardship in the Bay Area, particularly with parks agencies and land trusts.

Research Group(s):

  • Kueppers Lab