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Isa Ferrall

Decentralized solar energy systems for electricity access: historical context and comparisons of reliability (MS ’18); Quantitative approaches to energy justice: examining fair access to reliable electricity (PhD ’22)

Isa earned an MS/PhD from the Energy and Resources Group at the University of California, Berkeley. She researches the frontier of solar energy both in the lab and in the communities most in need. Leveraging data-driven methods, she investigates efficiency, reliability, and equity as three lenses through which to inform energy policies for a just climate future. She is dedicated to a career in renewable energy and education, as well as promoting diversity in STEM and sustainability fields. Previously, Isa gained experience on both the technical and applied sides of renewable energy by researching innovative energy materials at Duke University and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory and analyzing solar-home-system data for Off-Grid Electric in Tanzania.


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