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Anne-Perrine Avrin

Designing and Adapting Appropriate Socio-technical Systems for the Renewable Energy Transition (PhD ’18)

Anne-Perrine is a PhD student in the Energy and Resources Group and a research fellow within the energy company Areva. In the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory, her research focuses on long-term capacity expansion planning for the power sector in China, and quantitative methods to adjust least-cost energy transition pathways by taking forecast uncertainty into account. She is particularly interested in the challenges posed by high penetration levels of variable renewable energies in centralized power grids, and in the development of advanced nuclear technologies and electric vehicles in Asia. She also takes part in international collaborations around energy policies and energy innovation between the United States and Europe, and has co-organized a debate, on behalf of the French Ministry of Energy and the Consulate General of France in San Francisco, about the vision of Bay-Area expatriates on the French energy transition. Anne-Perrine holds an MSc in industrial and nuclear engineering from France, and has worked on nuclear safety and non-proliferation topics in France, China and the US before starting her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley.