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New Climate Policy Course at ERG

The Capitol Building by Daniel McCullum


Want to learn how cli­mate pol­icy actu­ally works?

You know you do.
Real world cli­mate pol­icy isn’t made in the ivory tower. It hap­pens in the depths of admin­is­tra­tive agency pro­ceed­ings, in leg­isla­tive offices, and almost always in the courtroom.

What we’ll cover.
This course offers an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary, graduate-level sur­vey of his­tor­i­cal and cur­rent efforts to reg­u­late emis­sions of green­house gases in the United States. We will read pri­mary legal documents—including statutes, reg­u­la­tions, and court cases—in order to crit­i­cally eval­u­ate the forces shap­ing Amer­i­can cli­mate mit­i­ga­tion pol­icy. Although the class will focus on the inter­sec­tion of cli­mate pol­icy and the legal sys­tem, no back­ground in law is nec­es­sary. Con­tinue Reading…


Dr. Kammen on US-China Climate Deal
Chengdu by Luis Gosalbez

“When the two biggest emit­ters and two biggest economies jointly do it, it will ide­ally trans­form the entire debate…”

Profs. Leach & Ray Launch UN Gender Equality Report
Isha Ray UN Women

Dr. Isha Ray at UN Head­quar­ters dis­cussing report on gen­der equality.

What if it’s not that “green”?
Kammen on NBC

NBC inter­view of Dr. Kam­men on new tech­nol­ogy not meet­ing green expectations.

Water Quality: Woelfle-Erskine’s Search for Salmon
RussianRiverBodyNetting Cleo

“As the dry sea­son becomes more intense and rain­fall more erratic, we’d expect to see this pat­tern prop­a­gat­ing northward.”

RAEL at UN Climate Summit
climate summit 2014 by UN

SWITCH model selected as a “Project to Watch” by the UN’s Big Data Cli­mate Challenge.

Upcoming Events

ERG Colloquium: Alastair Iles
December 3 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm
110 Barrows Hall

Sur­vey­ing the Pol­i­tics of Urgent Tran­si­tions: The Indus­trial Food Sys­tem as a Case